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Welcome to Hills Couples Counselling ONLINE

At Hills Couples Counselling we provide counselling services for couples, individuals and families.  We offer couples relationship therapy, intimacy training, discernment counselling, separation and divorce guidance and infidelity repair. 

Our suite of services includes highly detailed, in-depth relationship profiling and analysis via multi-level assessment tools, encompassing key areas within your relationship. We boast an array of profiling tools, including Prepare Enrich Inventory and Assessment, the Gottman Method Couples Checkup, and our own Hills Couples Counselling customised CHN inventory. 

Initial consultations are about discovering what has led you to your present relationship dynamic and how we may be able to equip you with the correct tools to enhance, repair or revitalise your relationship. In most cases, it takes quite some time to reach a level of discontent where you seek out help and it is implausible to believe that years and years of disconnection will be resolved in one 60 minute session.   Couples counselling is a process of peeling back layers and breaking down walls to allow you to reconnect.  Most couples require an absolute minimum of 3 sessions. 

All sessions and programs are designed to offer transformative solutions in relation to areas where there may be unrest, confusion, resentment and long-term conflict. 

After profiling, we are able to offer comprehensive take-home strategies and exercises to restrengthen and rebuild those areas in which you may be experiencing difficulties.

With our many years of Clinical experience, we understand that there is no one therapy that is suited to all couples. Hills Couples Counselling provides the most up to date and highly regarded therapies to ensure you receive a personalised therapy model, based on the unique challenges assessed during the various profiling tools.

As expert relationship therapists we are also able to offer our UNIQUE and popular  LOVE DOCTORS Counselling sessions.  This highly regarded therapy will see you working Couple to Couple, with both Vicki and James in your sessions.

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Why choose Hills Couples Counselling?

Deciding to share details about your relationship with a Therapist is a huge step and one which is often fraught with difficulty, confusion, and on occasion deep embarrassment. 

It's not always easy to open up to an impartial party and divulge the mechanics behind a troubled union.

Our consulting Relationship Therapists and Clinicians, Vicki  and James Childs are therapists with lived experience in the following areas:

Domestic Violence
Marriage Breakdown
Becoming a Step Parent
Moving forward with a new family dynamic

Vicki and James are registered and fully qualified Relationship Therapists holding Industry accreditation with numerous professional peak regulating bodies, ensuring you are receiving the latest and most up to date therapies available.

Having experienced the heartache of the above-listed life events, you will find our therapists non-judgemental, friendly, outgoing, knowledgeable, forthright and equipped with a huge toolbox of resources to assist you in your pursuit of a happy, fulfilling relationship.

We are Industry Experts with specialised Relationship Therapy Training Qualifications:
When choosing a Therapist, it is important that the therapist possesses the educational tools to assist you and truly understands, via experience and  (EI/EQ) emotional intelligence/quotient how very difficult the process of relationship breakdown can be. 

It may be difficult for those who have not experienced relationship turmoil to appreciate the life-altering impact associated with Relationship struggles.

Hills Couples Counselling takes appointments up until 8 pm most evenings to accommodate corporate, executive and busy every day couples.

Weekend appointments are also available by booking online. 

We offer easy payment options, including EFTPOS, Paypal, GPay and Apple Pay.

Private Health Fund rebates may apply, depending on your Fund and level of cover.

We invite you to call or message us for more information.  Please note appointments after 5 pm and on weekends will require pre-payment to secure your nominated time.

Our ONLINE SESSIONS are fully INTERACTIVE, allowing you to participate at the level you are comfortable with.

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Online Relationship Therapy. Easy, Effective and INTERACTIVE.

Tips for a Professional and Effective ONLINE SESSION

Ensure you are in a well-lit room.
Ensure you are in a comfortable space of your choosing.
Have your laptop at the right height to show your face and head.
If using a phone try using a phone stand for stability.
For best results, couples counselling can be conducted in separate rooms on separate devices.
Use earbuds or headphones for complete privacy and high-quality audio.
Ensure you have plenty of charge on your devices.
Ensure your screen and camera are clean.
Close all tabs and windows on your device.  Focus on the session only.
Have water available to remain hydrated.
Check your environment and that you are emotionally ready and available  for therapy.

Medical Fund Rebates

As registered and accredited Level 2 Therapists with the ACA - Australian Counselling Association, we are able to offer rebates from the following funds  - provided you have the appropriate level of cover or extras.

Please note that Couples Counselling is not covered by Medicare or under Mental Health Care Plans.  

Receipts for our services are issued electronically at or after your attendance.  Our provider numbers for each fund are recorded on our receipts.   Please check with your fund regarding your eligibility.