James and Vicki Childs - The Hills Love Doctors TM. ACA, MHPN, ASCH and AHA Members. Gottman Method Couples Therapy Trained. Certified Prepare Enrich Building Stronger Relationships Facilitators. Members of MAREAA Marriage and Relationship Educators of Australia. EFCT Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Trained. Clinical Hypnotherapists. Certified Life Coaches. NLP & EFT Practitioners. Nationally accredited Workplace Trainers & Assessors.

The Hills Love Doctors™ 

1 Day Couples Therapy Intensive Workshop
with Master Couple Vicki and James Childs.

We work on an exclusive one to one basis with you and your partner only in this workshop format. 

Two comprehensively trained and highly experienced expert relationship therapists with specialised Relationship Therapy Training.

Are you at breaking point?

Unable to cope with Infidelity and Lies?

Not sure whether to stay or go?

Empty Nesters who no longer know one another?

Feeling a sense of despair or betrayal?

Stuck in an emotional relationship rut?

Sick of being the one to compromise all the time?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may find our Hills Love Doctors ™ 1 Day Couples Therapy Intensive Workshop of great assistance to allow you to finally reignite the spark that's been missing. 


1 Day Couple Therapy Intensive Workshops

You will be working with James and Vicki Childs.   The Hills Love Doctors™.

The Workshop is held in our stylishly appointed clinic in Norwest, Sydney.   

The duration of the Workshop will be from 10am to 5pm with assigned breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.    Morning and afternoon tea will be provided as part of the workshop.   We encourage couples to head out from the clinic for lunch to recalibrate and debrief from the morning session. 

You will have the undivided attention and expertise of James and Vicki in a couple to couple format.  This means James and Vicki work with only you - you will be the only couple in the Workshop.

The Workshop will be customised to your specific relationship requirements while using proven evidence based tools and resources.

Prior to your workshop, you will need to undertake an online relationship profiling questionnaire.  The questionnaire will be sent out to you separately for completion. 

In total, you will receive 6 hours of intensive, enlightening and often personal and relationship changing therapy. 

Couples suitable for The Hills Love Doctors™  1 Day Couple Intensive Workshop

Couples who may feel disconnected yet still invested in the relationship. 
Couples who are uncertain of the future direction of their relationship.
Couples attempting to come to terms with Infidelity, betrayal or feelings of loneliness. 
Couples contemplating separation. 
Couples who have lost their way - feeling physically present, yet emotionally checked out. 
Couples seeking to revitalise their relationship. 
Couples seeking professional intervention. 
Couples needing a road map back to harmony, equilibrium and love.

Couples not suitable for  The Hills Love Doctors™   1 Day Couple Intensive Workshop

Couples with a current AVO in place. 
Couples who show overt contempt and hatred towards one another. 
Couples who are sitting in a threatening or non safe emotional space. 
Couples or Individuals who are presently in the grip of addiction. 
Couples with a current diagnosed mental health issue that is not  managed adequately to perform therapy.  

Suitability; Please note we do not accept all couples into The Hills Love Doctors™  1 Day Couple Therapy Intensive Workshop. 

The Workshop is indeed INTENSIVE.  It requires a dedicated commitment and a genuine desire to improve, repair and enhance the relationship.  It also requires a belief that in order to change things you must be willing to drop the pride and work with the love you have for one another. 

Availability;  The 1 Day Couple Therapy Intensive Workshop is an in demand workshop.   Many couples who are time poor or unable to attend sessions during the week opt to participate in this program with a sense of urgency. 

We are available for this service by appointment only to approved couples.  Please refer to our online calendar or contact us on the contact page or by phone.

Investment;  The investment for the 6 Hour Hills Love Doctors ™ 1 Day Couple Therapy Intensive Workshop is $1500. 

The 2 Day Workshop is $3000. 

This investment is for 2 highly skilled Industry Experts, Love Doctors, James and Vicki, who work with you as the only couple for the duration of the workshop.  

The Workshop is the equivalent of 4 weeks of counselling.  Ideal for Everyday, Executive, Corporate, Celebrity or extremely time poor clients who cannot commit to regular weekly sessions.

Rebates;  There are a number of health funds offering rebates for counselling services.   These include:

Medibank Private
Doctors Health Fund
Avant Mutual
Grand United
Saint Lukes Medical
Phoenix Health
Police Health
Emergency Services Health

Please note that you may also be able to claim a portion of this fee on your annual tax return.

If you have any questions about this workshop or would like to book the next available workshop, please contact us here

* All workshops fees are to be remitted before your commencement date. 

* We accept Paypal, EFTPOS, all credit cards including American Express, GPay and Apple Pay.

Why not make a weekend of it?  - There are many lovely 4/5 Star accommodations close by.   Please scroll to the end of the page for accommodation options.

Workshop Content

Your workshop will be customised to your individual needs based on your profiling results.  

Our Workshops typically equip couples with tools for:

Renewal of Love Maps, Fondness and Admiration.
Formulation of deeper and more meaningful connection.
Maintaining Healthy Relationship Boundaries.
Rekindling interest, passion and sacred intimacy.
Building a strong and unified bond for the future.
Empathy driven communication where you are free to express your needs and desires.

Workshop Process:

Expression of Interest via email. Dates Secured.

1-2 Weeks before your Workshop you will complete a comprehensive online relationship profile, independent of one another. 

We will then meet with you for a preliminary Introduction via a 30-minute Zoom meeting. 

Proceed to Workshop in our Clinic. 


Here are our recommendations for Accommodation. Each of which we have stayed at ourselves.

Please note accommodation is at your own expense and is not part of the 1 day workshops. Many couples from all over Australia elect to make the workshop part of a weekend escape, spending one day doing the intensive and the next retiring to your accommodation to start utilising the skills you have acquired.

The Hills Lodge Hotel and Spa - Literally 5 minutes from our Bella Vista Location. Considered one of Sydney's most luxe and discerning accommodation venues.

The Darling at the Star - For those seeking a Cityscape and ultra luxurious stay. Exceptional venue in the heart of Darling Harbour.

Chanticleer Gardens Luxurious Country Style Bed and Breakfast. Absolutely magnificent. Romantic and thoughtful getaway.

Hills Lodge and Spa

The Darling at The Star

Chanticleer Gardens