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The Hills Love Doctors
Couple to Couple Counselling

Vicki and James, The Hills Love Doctors. Offering Professional Couple to Couple Counselling.

Have you ever contemplated Couples Counselling but thought it may be one-sided or not completely impartial?  

Or perhaps you've thought that only your own gender would understand how it is from your point of view?

At HCC we are excited to be able to offer our unique and popular Love Doctors Couple to Couple Counselling. 

This service means that hetero couples can feel completely at ease with a representation of the same gender present in the session. 

For individuals identifying as LGBTQIA+, you have the choice of selecting your preferred therapist gender for your sessions as we have male and female therapists available.

The 4-way sessions provide different insights and perspectives from 4 individual viewpoints allowing for thought-provoking, stimulating,  brainstorming of unbiased solutions to therapy. 

What is Couple to Couple Counselling?

The HCC Clinic is the only Clinic in the Hills District of Sydney to be offering this pioneering dynamic Therapy.   You and your partner have the undivided and exclusive expertise of not 1, but 2 highly regarded trained Therapists.  

Moreover, James and Vicki have lived experience with marriage breakdown, separation, divorce, remarriage and step-parenting.  

We bring a combination of knowledge, respect and empathy to our Couple to Couple sessions, while seeking the most mutually satisfying outcome for all. 

What are the Benefits of Couple to Couple Counselling?

Having two therapists in attendance of your session allows us to create a wonderful therapeutic environment where we develop a rapid sense of rapport and camaraderie similar to that of kinship.  

Many clients undertaking the Love Doctors Couple to Couple Counselling state it's the best therapeutic experience they have encountered. 

Having another couple present in your session ensures there are no nuanced feelings of 'sisterhood' or 'brotherhood', but rather an objective and collaborative approach that includes varied and expansive points of view.  

To find out more, please call us or you can simply book right here for Zoom Online Sessions or appointments in our luxe and ambient Bella Vista Clinic.

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*Please note we are LGBTQIA+ friendly.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied individuals are warmly welcomed to our clinic.

*Our clinic is also a supporter of HAES - Health At Every Size.