Hills Couples Counselling

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Unable to make it into our Clinic?
Need to remain Anonymous and Inconspicuous?

Working long Hours?
No  Babysitters?

We come to you.

Busy working couples with family commitments often struggle to find the time to make appointments during regular work hours. 

It's also sometimes impossible to coordinate a babysitter with your requirements and the needs of other children or the ever-busy and demanding roster of sport, education and after school activities.

We are now delighted to offer our suite of therapies as an in-home service.

Please note that while we are happy to travel to your home, we will require a quiet private space in your home to conduct the therapy session. 

We respectfully advise that all children are either in bed or being taken care of by a babysitter or family member (other than the Couple receiving the Therapy) at the time of the session.  While children may be discussed during the session, we do not allow children to be privy to ANY information discussed.   Therefore, please ensure your children are adequately supervised during this time.  

*We reserve the right to refuse therapy or associated services if children are not adequately supervised as above. 

Fees for Home Visits are as follows:

Home Visit 90 minute Session    $200.00
Travel of  less than 10kms from our Castle Hill Base, travel fee of $10.00
Travel of 10-20kms from our Castle Hills Base, travel fee of $20.00

Our mobile service is limited to a maximum distance of 20kms from our Castle Hill premises.

All Home Visits must be Prepaid through our Online Booking Portal.

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