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3 Quick Tips to Restore and Maintain Intimacy in your Relationship.

Relationship and Family Therapist Vicki Childs offers 3 Quick Tips to Restore and Maintain Intimacy in your relationship.

1. You are responsible for Intimacy. Be Accountable.
2. Be Open to Learning new things about your Partner.
3. Have Fun. Bring Excitement into the relationship.

Intimacy Tip: The Head and Scalp.

As anyone who's had a salon styling session knows, having someone touch your hair and scalp can be incredibly soothing. 

It can also be arousing. 

Play with your partner's hair, massage his or her scalp.

Run your fingernails across it. Apply different pressures, tighten and loosen your grip. See how your partner reacts.

Our heads and scalps are forgotten erogenous zones.

If you’re thinking ‘hell no’ or ‘what?’ I strongly encourage you to give it a go. 

Intimacy Tip: Connect With EVERY part of your body.

How long has it been since you really connected body to body?  Of course, when we are intimate or engaging in intercourse we have that wonderful skin on skin action, but, when was the last time you SPONTANEOUSLY wrapped yourself around or on your partner?

Connecting with one another doesn't need to be overt to be intimate.  A light but sensual touch along, around or down your man's biceps and down the forearm can be wildly sensual when executed with focused intent.

Running  your  fingertip  over  your  partner's  lips  softly  can  also  remind  you  just  how  much  pleasure  can  be  derived from our tongues and mouths.

Use all of your body intimately, eyes, ears, fingers, thumbs, hips, legs.