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How to communicate what you want during sex

What’s the difference between having good sex and having great sex?

It’s usually in the communication.

Being able to openly state what you like and want in the bedroom is key.

There’s so many fun and great ways to show your partner how to take you from a good experience to a mind blowing, world altering experience.

Set the bar high - because why not?

As an aside to the 4 tips here, maybe you can try these:

🔥 Sensually guide your partner’s hands all over your body, stopping and focusing on your sweet spots - hand on hand, double the action.

🔥 Give immediate feedback when you feel good. Feedback should always be immediate - don’t be afraid to vocalise.

🔥 Be generous with praise.

🔥 Set the scene by telling your partner how much you love or enjoy certain parts of their body before the event. An occasional your arms are looking built  or you’re looking toned and fit can be a fabulous prelude to great sex.

🔥 Experiment with different touch. Firm pressure, light pressure, sweeping full hand movements or light and gentle fingertips - give new things a go.


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