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HCC Customised
Relationship Recovery Program

Repair.  Revistalise.  Reconnect. 

Relationship Recovery. Image Courtesy of Hayley Rafton @hayleyrafton.com

HCC Customised Relationship Recovery Program

The HCC Relationship Recovery Customised Program is here.  It is our most popular and intensive program for Couples seeking solution focused therapy.

The program is designed to enable a new level of understanding and reconnection through whole person therapy.  You cannot 'fix' what you do not acknowledge.

The 4 Week Intensive Program is best described as no-nonsense, challenging,  yet rewarding.  Most importantly, it gets results.  

The HCC Relationship Recovery Program is all about removing the layers that tend to pile up over the years.  Layers of resentment, guilt, blame, contempt, disrespect, ambiguity, disdain and many of the other negative influences which often creep into both troubled and long term relationships. 

The focus of the program is on the 3R's.


Topics Included:

Defining THE Problem
Your Options
Marriage Myths - Are they holding you back?
Negative Influence
PRV Personal Relationship Values
Aligned and Misaligned Values
Relationship DRAINS
Forgiveness and living in Unforgiveness
Communication Barriers and Blocks
Intimacy.  A return to love.

The program runs over a 4 Week Period.  Each Session is 2 Hours in duration.  

You are also able to purchase individual resources.  Workbook Bundle is $59.99, which includes 1 x Bound copy of Workbook 1 and 2 x Bound Copies of Workbook 2. 

Workbook 1 contains all of the Vital Elements and information you need to Repair, Revitalise and Reconnect within your relationship.  

Workbook 2 contains 10 probing, insightful profiling assessments, which target key areas in the relationship dynamic which may require enhancement, improvement or even a totally new approach.

You can book the HCC Relationship Recovery Program by clicking the button below.

Most importantly, this program requires a commitment to 'do the work' in relation to your relationship goals.

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Sample of Workbook 1

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