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Moving Forward - Coaching
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Moving Forward

Moving forward after the demise of any relationship can be daunting as we step into the unknown.

It can also be exciting as new possibilities arise.  It's important that you be open to new experiences and even though it may be frightening to go it alone, there will always be a period of readjustment as you come to terms with your new and altered reality.

Below are a few tips to help you keep things in Balance.

Keep in contact with good friends and have some fun together.  Remember, friends are likely to have had a relationship break up at some stage in their life journey too and will be empathetic.

Set small tasks or goals to complete that you have been contemplating for a while. Better yet, do that thing that you never had time to do.

Start or recommence a fun activity that you have been promising yourself.  Join a Gym, take that art class.  Allow yourself to express your creative side.

Keep a journal if you want to express yourself but don't feel like speaking to others about your most personal thoughts.

Exercise.  Get those endorphins moving. Just 30 minutes a day is known to have physiological benefits and improves mood.

Get adequate sleep.  Practise good sleep hygiene.

Meditate and Relax.  

Eat a healthy diet. 

Nurture yourself as you would your best friend. Self-compassion is essential to Moving Forward. 

HCC Rise and Shine 6 Week Coaching Program 

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