Working on yourself and your own mental health and wellbeing is shown to have a postive impact on your relationship. We offer individual counselling with male and female therapists.

Don't wait until you're at Crisis Point. Talk to us today. Therapy offers a safe space to discuss big emotions.

Individual Relationship Therapy

Are you struggling with any of the following?

Low self-esteem?
Trust Issues?
Lack or fear of Intimacy?
Few or no common interests?
Isolation, a sense of loneliness?
Poor body image?
Past Relationship Trauma?
Inability to move past infidelity?
Inability to share ideas and goals?
Substance Abuse?
Fear of abandonment?
Sexual Dysfunction?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you may benefit from Individual Relationship Therapy.

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How does Individual Therapy impact my Relationship?

Self-care is essential for all human beings in order to function as a happy, healthy, well-adjusted person. 

Within the dynamics of any relationship, we as individuals can be tested. 

It can be easy to forget your own identity when functioning in the role of Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter, Caregiver, Breadwinner, or any of the myriad of roles we adopt in relationships. 

Along with these pressures, often our own needs and sometimes the needs of those closest to us get put on the backburner while the demands of life remain constant and unrelenting.

We are all afforded 168 hours in a week, yet surprisingly and shockingly most people presenting for Relationship Therapy only devote as little as 10% of their time, that's under 17 hours per week in total pursuing and nurturing the most important thing in life - a happy and rewarding relationship.

Individual Relationship Therapy can assist you in the following areas:

Prioritising time for self-care
Increasing  and Building Self Esteem
Pleasant Introspection

Practicing Gratitude
Identity Clarification
Regaining Trust

Reigniting Passion
Asking for the love you need
Formulating Love Maps

Silencing the Inner Critic
Eradicating limiting self-beliefs

When you feel good about yourself and reclaim your emotional equilibrium, your interactions with others begin to change. 

Equipping yourself with relationship tools can be challenging, exciting and fun. 

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