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Couples Counselling - Relationship Therapy

Has the spark gone from your relationship?

Find yourself longing for excitement, fun, and companionship?

Are you constantly gridlocked in what seems like a never-ending battle of conflict?

Has your relationship become like a pair of old slippers? Comfortable but dull?

Perhaps familiarity is a source of contempt?

If any of these statements apply to you, it may well be time to seek out professional assistance. 

At HCC one of the first things we may invite you to do is an Online Assessment through Prepare-Enrich Building Stronger Relationships.

This online assessment will provide us with a comprehensive overview of your relationship including:

Relationship Dynamics.  Assertiveness. Self Confidence. Avoidance and Partner Dominance. 

Designated Strength and Growth Areas. 

Personal Stress Profiles.

Couple and Family Maps.  Measuring Closeness & Flexibility.

SCOPE Personality Profiles.

and if required separate Parenting Profiles.

The Prepare-Enrich Couples Report has been used with over 4 million couples worldwide!   It is based on systems theory, which integrates concepts and principles from Marital and Family Therapy.  It focuses on Couple and Family strengths and is a prevention-oriented approach.

Of course, this is simply one of our therapy models. At HCC we collaborate with you to find the perfect therapeutic tool for your unique relationship. 

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Relationships can be complex. 

Relationships can be the source of great happiness or alternatively the cause of immense misery.  The dynamics between any two individuals are constantly changing and evolving over the course of the relationship.

Often, what initially excited us or drew us to our partners can be the very thing that years later infuriates or annoys us.

Within the normal realms of any relationship, it's typical to experience highs and lows, peaks and troughs.  Passion can also ebb and flow as the relationship moves from the initial stages of excitement and attraction into a more familiar and comfortable coupling. 

Defined roles within relationships can also alter dramatically with the birth of children, ongoing illness, financial pressures, cultural and environmental issues. 

When some of the defined parameters in an established relationship start to shift from within, previously shared values can be altered creating conflict where harmony once resided. 

When certain maladaptive behaviours start to creep into a relationship, we start to see or experience what is known as Dysfunction.  

What is considered Dysfunctional in a relationship? 

There are many behaviours and habits that can be labelled Dysfunctional in a relationship.  

The list of traits below, illustrate typical* Dysfunction.

More negativity than positivity
Escalation of Negative Affect
Physical, Emotional & Verbal Violence
Emotional Check-Out
Silent Treatment

While this list is not exhaustive, these traits are those that we see in devitalised relationships. 

What we focus on in Relationship Therapy

There is no one size therapy which suits every situation, however, the interventions listed below form a solid foundation for positive Relationship Therapy.

Emotion Regulation
Building Distress Tolerance Skills
Building Skills for Managing Conflict
Building Skills for Enhancing Friendship
Dialogue instead of Gridlock
Turning Towards instead of Turning Against
Collaborative Life Dream Planning
Creating Shared Meaning
Understanding Equality in your relationship
De-escalation of negative emotion
Fulfilment of Core Human Needs
Learning new forms of Communication
Utilising all communication Channels

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