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Vicki speaks about our Love Doctors Sessions

Couple to Couple Counselling with Vicki & James Childs. The Hills Love Doctors

Have you contemplated Couples Counselling but thought it may be one-sided or not completely impartial?  

Or perhaps you've thought that only your own gender would understand how it is from your point of view?

If you're male and booked in to see a female Counsellor, maybe there's been an element of doubt that you may be at the mercy of the 'sisterhood?'

Or perhaps if you're female and seeing a male Counsellor with your Hubby, there could be doubt that you won't be heard from the female perspective?

Of course, these thoughts don't apply to everyone, but a high percentage of our Love Doctors clientele tell us that this is exactly what they thought before they knew about this incredibly supportive and nurturing therapy.

At Hills Couples Counselling we are excited to be able to offer our unique and popular Couple to Couple Counselling - Hills Love Doctors™  Australia wide from the comfort of your own home.

This service allows hetero couples to feel completely at ease with a representation of the same gender present in the session. 

Vicki and James will be present in your very own Love Doctors session, ensuring you are heard, validated and understood for the duration.   All Love Doctor Sessions are 90 minutes in duration.

For individuals identifying as LGBTQIA+, you have the choice of selecting your preferred therapist gender for your sessions as we have male and female therapists available.

The 4-way sessions provide different insights and perspectives from 4 individual viewpoints allowing for thought-provoking, stimulating,  brainstorming of unbiased solutions to therapy. 

What is Couple to Couple Counselling?

Couple to Couple Counselling is a  pioneering dynamic therapy where 4 adults collaborate to make informed choices around therapy options, goals and outcomes.

You and your partner have the undivided and exclusive expertise of not 1, but 2 highly regarded trained therapists, considered Industry Experts with a wealth of dedicated relationship training and qualifications, including:

Gottman Method Therapy 
Prepare Enrich Building Stronger Relationships
Emotion Focused Therapy

Moreover, James and Vicki have lived experience with marriage breakdown, separation, divorce, remarriage and step-parenting.  

We bring a combination of knowledge, respect and empathy to our Couple to Couple sessions, while seeking the most mutually satisfying outcome for all. 

What are the Benefits of Couple to Couple Counselling?

Having two therapists in attendance of your session allows us to create a wonderful therapeutic environment where we develop a rapid sense of rapport and camaraderie similar to that of kinship.  

Many clients undertaking the Love Doctors Couple to Couple Counselling state it's the best therapeutic experience they have encountered. 

Having another couple present in your session ensures there are no nuanced feelings of 'sisterhood' or 'brotherhood', but rather, an objective and collaborative approach that includes varied and expansive points of view.  

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*Fees are in accordance with 2 in demand Relationship Experts.

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*Please note we are LGBTQIA+ friendly.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied individuals are warmly welcomed to our clinic.

Couple to Couple Counselling Feedback

Herewith is a selection of feedback from clients. 

We are always happy to authenticate our client reviews. 

What Our clients are saying ~

Happy new year Vicki and Jim !! Hope you have had a great start to the new year, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for what you have helped us with over the last year, you both have honestly changed our lives in more ways than one, We really look forward to seeing you because everytime we leave we feel our best selves. N and E - Western Sydney

Hi Vicki, I can't believe it. We are talking without screaming at each other. I now get it and can see I was being a jerk because I felt ignored.  I wish we hadn't waited this long.  We wasted so much time being dicks to each other.  Thanks for your help.  A and C - Dural

Vicki, things are already getting better. We know it's going to take alot of work but with your guidance and understanding we think we can do it. I'm so glad we made the call. When I can book the next appointment.  M and M - Penrith.

We're good James and Vicki.  Really good.  We spent 'quality time' together like you told us and surprise, surprise, it wasn't boring after all, maybe you're onto something.  lol.   Now to this gratitude thing, maybe we need a bit more help on that one. T and D - West Pennant Hills.

Vicki you were right. I didn't like it when you told me to ease up on John.  I tried doing all of things you suggested over the weekend and for the first time in years we actually laughed together.   It was hard to hear and see our Prepare Report but I can see we were really in trouble.  Thank you and see you soon. J and M - Pitt Town

Hey Chick, just texting you to tell you this weekend was sooooo good.  Think we had forgotten how good this part can be.  We are coming back for more.  I feel good!  A and K - Greystanes.