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James and Vicki Childs

Love Doctors James and Vicki Childs

James and Vicki have worked hard and consistently on their relationship over the years to become what is known as a 'Master Couple', and while this may sound a tad conceited, or even a little 'strange'  it is certainly something that is worth working for or towards.  

What is a Master Couple?

The term Master Couple refers to a Couple who is fully and wholly accepting of one another.  Master Couples are emotionally attuned to each other, possessing the ability to grow through one another by constantly nurturing the enduring love, friendship and respect within the sanctity of the existing relationship. 

In the Master Couple's relationship, there is no undermining, no judgement and no defensiveness.  Master Couples know the art of listening openly and speaking in a transparent and authentic manner. 

Listening to actually hear is one of the hallmarks of these enduring couples.  Sometimes shockingly Master Couples make each other THE most important person in each other's lives. 

The established hierarchy in a Master Couples relationship means that no one else comes before your partner.  Master Couples practise the art of Scaffolding, which allows each partner to pursue their own interests, yet allow those interests (external or otherwise) to build and add layers of intimacy and interest to the existing relationship. 

In this type of relationship there is an equal amount of 'we-ness and I-ness.'

Knowing your partner's flaws, nuances and idiosyncrasies and loving them BECAUSE of these is another trait in a Master Couples toolbox. 

To find out more or to commence your journey towards becoming a Master Couple, please call or message today. 

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Vicki Childs. JP. MACA. Relationship Therapist & Clinical Counsellor. Member of Australian Counselling Association (ACA) & Professional Counselling Association (PCA) of NSW & ACT. Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator (CPF). Member MHPN Mental Health Professional Network.

Vicki Childs. JP. MACA.

Vicki Childs is a highly respected registered Professional Therapist with more than 30 years of experience working across a wide variety of industries and stakeholders.

Recently returning from a 2-year tenure in the Hunter Valley, Vicki has now relocated her busy thriving practice back to Castle Hill in Sydney's North West.

Vicki is widely credentialled with expertise in several different areas, including Clinical Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Education Management, and Life Coaching.   

Combining her expansive Clinical knowledge with lived experiences of Domestic Violence, Separation, Divorce, Remarriage and navigating the often daunting field of step-parenting allows Vicki to adopt a multidimensional approach to her therapy style.  

Well known in and around the Hills District for her iconic and transparent communication style and vibrant unshockable personality, Vicki has worked with many Corporations, SME's and Individuals delivering Counselling, Coaching, and Training programs which enable stakeholders to reach their desired goals.

With a background encompassing roles as diverse as TAFE Teacher through to RTO Manager and Mental Health Consulting Principal, Vicki is unlike any other Therapist you are likely to encounter.  A unique blend of formal education and down to earth practicality.

Well regarded by her clients and peers, Vicki is a regular contributor to Industry Journals, providing insights into her work as a Clinician and is often seen on the Public Speaking circuit in the capacity of Keynote or Guest Speaker.

Community activities in and around The Hills District include those of Invitational Judge at The Hills Shire Council's Orange Blossom Festival - Voices in Bloom and Lions Club Youth Of The Year Competitions. 

Counselling Approach

Vicki's approach to counselling is direct and forthright while maintaining empathy and understanding.  Vicki believes the most effective way to discover the core of relationship problems is to dig deep, do the emotional work and most importantly be honest about where your intentions are in relation to either repairing the relationship or finding a pathway for a different looking future.  With a collaborative and directional focus, Vicki is able to quickly offer insight into the most appropriate way forward for your relationship.  

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James Childs. Analytical Hypnotherapist. Counsellor & NLP Practitioner. Professional Member of Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA).

James Childs. BSc(Eng)

With a long and distinguished career as a Senior Engineer, James more recently decided to pursue a career in service to others. 

Having spent over 40 years mentoring, coaching and assisting people to reach their career goals, James has now parlayed that experience into a more holistic career as a Therapist. 

James is a Clinical Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP & EFT Practitioner, providing wise counsel to Couples and Individuals experiencing issues and challenges within their lives.

As a survivor of both TBI and ABI (Brain Injuries), James is well versed in adversity and recovery from huge physical and mental challenges, holding a special interest in SMH Subconscious Mind Healing. 

James brings a calm and reassuring demeanour to the HCC Clinic, along with many years of Professional Counselling and Coaching, garnered through a long career of mentorship. 

Additionally, James understands the unique complexities of separation, divorce, remarriage and step-parenting, having experienced these issues first hand.

Counselling Approach

James offers a nurturing, calm and very supportive focus to his Therapy.  With a belief of taking things slowly and carefully to unpack the deep layers of a relationship crisis.  

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Industry Accreditations

ACA    Australian Counselling Association.
PCA    Professional Counselling Association of ACT & NSW.
MHPN Mental Health Professionals Network.
ASCH   Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.
AHA  Australian Hypnotherapy Association.
ASIST  Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.
DV-ALERT Domestic Violence Alert Accreditation.