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FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions 

Remember when things were good?


When first approaching Relationship Therapy or therapy of any type, it's important to gather as much information as possible. 

Researching, exploring and feeling comfortable with your decision is vitally important.  It is also reassuring if you can see and hear your Therapist before coming into an appointment.  You can do both of these things here on the HCC site.  

Developing a sense of trust and rapport with your therapist may be essential for full and comfortable disclosure.

On this page, HCC Clinic has endeavoured to answer some of the more popular and often heard questions we receive in relation to Relationship Therapy.

If you have any questions or concerns which have not been addressed below, please feel free to email us Here

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Start Improving your Relationship Today.

Why See a Relationship Therapist?

There are many reasons why a relationship may falter.

Undertaking Therapy can benefit you as an individual and strengthen your resolve to have the type of relationship you have only previously dreamed about.

Benefits of Individual Therapy Include:
Less Anxiety
Greater Self Confidence
An ever-evolving and enhanced relationship/s
Ability to regain emotional balance
Increased positive assertiveness
Stress Relief
Ability to set healthy boundaries
Trauma Resolution Strategies

Benefits of Couples Therapy Include:
Improved Communication
Conflict Management
Improved Intimacy
Reigniting Passion

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Will Therapy save my relationship?

There is no real definitive answer to this question.

For some couples, Relationship Therapy provides a pathway to enhance, repair and rebuild their relationship into an even better model than the one previously experienced. 

For other couples, the process of therapy provides guidance and insight into why it may, in fact, be a healthy decision overall to end the relationship, if both parties deem the union as being irreparable.

The good news is that with HCC's exacting profiling systems, we are able to very precisely pin down the areas within a relationship where disharmony and unrest may be brewing.

Our wide range of therapies, including the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Prepare-Enrich Stronger Relationships, Love Languages, and ACT,  combined with many years of highly qualified experience will offer amazing insight into the dynamics of your unique relationship.  

Profiling involves comprehensive assessment, which will show areas of strength (what you are both really great at) and what needs to be strengthened (what you may not be so great at).

Provided you are both willing to be transparent and open to change there's a very real chance you will rediscover all of the wonderful qualities you each possess.

Please Note
While we love seeing couples repair and enhance their relationships there are cases where no amount of therapy or tools will reconnect a couple.  This is often the case where one person has already moved on with another partner into a new relationship or where a person has already emotionally checked out long before physically checking out. 

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How long does Therapy take?


A normal session will be 60- 90 minutes in duration.  The process of how long the entire therapy method will take depends on the couple and how much work needs to be done to bring you to your end goal in terms of the agreed Therapy model.

This make take as little as 6 sessions, or it may take a full 12 weeks.  The frequency of therapy sessions will be discussed and agreed upon at your Feedback Assessment appointment, which is normally carried out during Visit 3.

Akin to visiting a GP with a broken bone, there is a process which we follow, similar to that of sending you off for X-Ray and subsequent visit to a Surgeon. 

Our 3 Visit Assessment protocol guarantees we run the appropriate diagnostics prior to commencing therapy.  Therefore, the absolute minimum amount of sessions would be no less than 4.

Time is precious for everyone and before we can apply Therapy we need to complete our profiling assessments in the format listed below.

Assessment Process

1. Initial combined Session
2. Individual Sessions (45 minutes per person)
3. Assessment Feedback and Therapy Selection Session

Please note these are 3 separate sessions, each billed at $150.

Therapy Process

An agreed Therapy model and a number of sessions to be discussed at Assessment.

What if my partner refuses to participate?

Many times the impetus for Relationship Therapy is initiated by the person who may be struggling the most.  At other times, we receive calls from a desperate individual who has been threatened to attend Couples Counselling or face dire ramifications. 

A partner who is forced to attend Relationship Therapy will no doubt present with a certain amount of resentment and on occasion outright hostility.  For any type of therapy to be effective, both parties need to be committed to the process.

Change in any type of relationship comes from choice, change generally doesn't happen simply by chance.

If you're faced with a situation where a partner refuses to attend with you, you are much better off to simply attend on your own.

The skills and techniques we offer can be effectively employed in the relationship and we have found that after a resistant partner witnesses the positive beneficial changes therapy makes, they often agree to attend too. 

 Please visit our Individual Therapy Page


Are the Sessions Confidential?

Yes. Sessions are strictly confidential. In accordance with our ongoing Registration requirements, we adhere to the following:

ACA Code of Ethics

Disclaimer - Should the safety of a child be in question or there be an issue of self-harm, we are legally and morally obliged to seek outside assistance. 

Similarly, if your records are subpoenaed by a court of law we are legally required to supply our case notes.

Are children involved in the Therapy Process?

The short answer is no.  Children are not involved in the physical sessions.  However, as children often form part of a relationship, it is understood that they may be openly discussed during therapy. 

Individual sessions for children can be organised at your request.

Please note due to the intimate nature of Couples Counselling we cannot accommodate babies or children to be present in Therapy Sessions.  

Couples Counselling requires your full and undivided attention.  Please organise a babysitter to ensure your child is safe while you attend your sessions.

Fees and Structure. General Info.

As part of the HCC philosophy, we are open and transparent with our Fee Structuring.  

Couples Relationship Therapy. Castle Hill Clinic. 60- 90 minutes. 
$150 per session.

Individual Relationship Therapy. Castle Hill Clinic. 60- 90 minutes. 
$120 per session.

Mobile (In-Home Therapy) Your location. 90 Minutes.
$200 per session, plus travel costs.
Less than 10kms from Castle Hill $10. 
10-20kms from Castle Hill $20.   
This service is limited to a radius of 20kms from our Castle Hill Office.  All home visits are to be prepaid online. 

Report Writing, Document Preparation and Court Appearance Fees.

Written reports or preparation of any Government Agency Documents, along with Court Appearances on behalf of our clients will be charged at our hourly rate of $150 per hour.   

 After Session Communication.  Emails & Telephone Calls.

While we take every measure to ensure you have received all support materials during your session, please note that we are unable to provide session 'debriefing' Counselling Services via phone or email outside of your nominated session times.  If you require urgent assistance please contact one of the following 24/7 Support Lines:

Lifeline  13 11 14
Mensline 1300 78 99 78
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659467
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800
qlife 3pm-midnight  1800 184 527
Sexual assault, family and domestic violence Line 1800 424 017

Alternatively, you can call The New South Wales Mental Health Access Line who will put you in touch with your local mental health service. Call 1800 011 511.
Refusal of Services

We reserve the right to refuse service to any person deemed to be aggressive, threatening or under the influence of drugs and alcohol which may impede our ability to carry out therapy. 

Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse service to any person presenting as unwell, with a temperature or visible signs of flu, cough and cold or virus.   Please keep everyone safe by rescheduling your appointment. 


Gottman Method Couples Therapy
4 weeks x 2 Hour Intensive sessions.
Complete customised Gottman Method Therapy.
Must be prepaid in advance to receive the reduced fee.

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Igniting Intimacy & Love Languages 
4 weeks x 2 Hour Intensive sessions.
Customised Program.
Must be prepaid in advance to receive the reduced fee.

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HCC Relationship Recovery 
4 weeks x 2 Hour Intensive sessions.
Program $800.00. 
Workbook Bundle Additional $59.95.

Must be prepaid in advance to receive the reduced fee.

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The HCC has EFTPOS facilities and Paypal available.

A cancellation fee of $50 will apply for all non-attendance of appointments cancelled without a minimum of 24 hours notice.

All appointments after 5 pm and on weekends must be pre-paid in advance to secure your nominated time as these time allocations are normally very popular and in demand.

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Medicare and Medical Fund Rebates

Unfortunately Registered Counsellors are not able to provide Medicare rebates for Couples Counselling, in fact, Couples Counselling is not an item which is covered under the MBS.

However, if you have private health cover with extras, there are a small number of Funds who do issue rebates. 

Our industry associations are lobbying hard for Registered and Qualified Counsellors to be included in the Medicare MBS Item Number Schedule. 

We hope this will come to fruition soon.

Medical Funds Issuing Rebates for Counsellings Sessions are

Medibank Private
Doctors Health Fund

Please check with your Health Fund to clarify if you are eligible for a rebate. Our provider numbers will be issued on all invoices and receipts. 

Online Skype or Zoom Counselling

For those unable to come into our Clinics, we offer Therapy in the privacy of your home. 

Many of our Therapy Sessions are held Online using Skype or Zoom. 

These sessions are secure and exactly like being in the room with the Therapist.  All support materials are delivered via the application in real time.

Please note Online Sessions are available until 9 pm.   Many couples elect to come home from work, feed the children, pop them into bed and then have time out for Relationship Therapy. 

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Therapy in the privacy of your own home